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02:49pm 08/09/2011
  Anyone wanna do a water/ juice fast?
Just comment back or email me ..prettyijmahn23@gmail.com
12:02pm 22/08/2011
  I started this Facebook page, I moderate it myself... Every day I post a new Thinspiration ALBUM not just one photo!!
Like it here: (And get daily thinspirations on your newsfeed every day when you log-on to Facebook!)


Waiting for you sisters :)
03:31pm 07/06/2008
so i broke my foot running. dont ask me how i did it, i dont even know!
ahah i guess i ran too much last week..
so now, ive been sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do.
just sitting.
and i get so tempted!
so now:
HW: 116.6
CW: 113.6
LW: 107.58
GW: 85.8
Height: 5'1

i gained like 4 pounds.
and i just cant keep away from food.
i really need thinspo. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
im giving up!!!!!!!!!!!

anyways, my "monthly friend" came
and he only stayed for 1 day and a half.
OMG! that is i think the second best part of not-eating, after getting thinner ^^

Well, thats it!!! im fasting untill i pass out. 2 weeks?

I AM -
[ ] anorexic but i have bulimic "episodes"
[x] ednos
[ ] bulimic
[ ] living off diet pills
[x] hungry
[ ] drinking something
[ ] Under 100lbs
[x] wanting to be "under-100-by end of june"
[x] starving yourself
[x] participating in a fast with other people

[ ] ask if i'm anorexic/bulimic
[x] call me fat
[dear god I wish] say i'm too skinny
[ ] say i'm ugly
[x] say i'm pretty
[x] spread rumors about me
[ ] force me to eat
[x] say i eat too much
[] wish i'd stop
[x] don't know I'm anorexic/bulimic

[x] i was THIN
[x] i had a better body
[x] i didn't have to eat
[x] i could control myself
[X] i was under 100lbs
[x] i could avoid food
[x] i could hide what i am
[x] i wasn't fat
[x] i was pretty
[ ] i could stop

[x] feeling hungry
[] shaking
[x] being weak, becuase i know i'm losing weight
[x] losing weight
[x] being anorexic/bulimic
[] green tea
[x] diet soda
[x] coffee
[ ] laxatives
[ ] diet pills
[x] being able to turn down food
[x] feeling good about myself

12:19am 29/05/2008
  As a fellow mod (of bleed_me_skinny) and avid lj’er for over 4 years I’m letting you know that visualgirly was in my community and when she started to post spam like on her journal. I mean like 10/15 posts a day about it and this is a direct quote from her info “I am a Prothinspoer... I am in love with visualization and thinspiration to keep myself skinny forever... Prothinspo.com is my guide to my lifestyle. I am a person who is always on the hunt for new celebrity gossip and diet tips.” Need more proof that she is a troll? Her lj is far less then a year old; she has over 1,000 friends and is spamming around 650 communities.

I have allot of friends on lj and everyone I know in many communities are very sick of her. I noticed that she was in your community and would just like to let you know the kind of person she is. She makes personal attacks to people if they post pics, and all she does is plug that stupid site that tells one how to get an eating disorder.

I am sick of seeing her everywhere I go and so are many of my friends.

Just make sure if you delete her posts you mark them as spam!

Just a warning, tell your friends…if it were up to me and many people I know she would be shut down like all the other trolls.

♠ Kelly

If anyone would like to join my community feel free….its a troll free zone. But if you join…post loads please :)
11:48pm 19/03/2008
mood: determined
Hi everyone, I'm starting a fast tomorrow.. well technically in 12 mins here.. and am joining some fasting communities to keep me on track as I'm going to be posting alot here the next few days!! I have no self-control and need to lose weight asap before I lose it!! I hate looking like this! I calculated my BMI today and I'm OVERWEIGHT!! I need to get that down right away! I'm NEAR normal weight, but it's not good enough, and I don't want normal I want SKINNY. I am so determined to do this!! Anyone else fasting please let me know so we can fast together! (:

Here are my stats:
Age: 18.
Height: 5"1.
HW: dunno, probs now!!
CW: 139lbs (last time I weighed last week, scared too til tomorrow after fasting!!)
LW: dunno really!

Good luck everyone with whatever restrictions/fasts/plans you're doing

*Stay Strong & Think Thin!*

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01:28pm 12/12/2006
Height: 5'3

HW:180 (ages 15-18 I realllly let myself go)
LW:102(age 13)

My name is Jill and I'm happily married. I starting to fast again which I haven't done in over a year. I got stuck at 127 pounds for a really long time and I gave up. Luckily I only got to 130 after developing a eatting habit of 1000 calories a day. But recently I had some issues with this FAT FUCKING COW trying to date MY HUSBAND (dont worry he didn't cheat on me) but she was seen in a bar talking to him and one of my friends actually thought it was ME. THIS GIRL IS LIKE 150 POUNDS!!! I realized if I could be mistaken for someone who's 150 then I really need to get my weight under control.

But I really need help. I do so well during the week. I drink energy drinks (eek I KNOW they are full of sugar) but then rarly eat anything other then lettace or like a bite of whatever my husbands eatting for dinner. THEN THE WEEKENDS COME. and I'll be sooo hungry and soooo shaky and we'll be out for dinner with friends or something and I'll totally binge. I've been dropping 3 pounds Monday through friday. but then gain 2 during the weekend.

A pound a week weight loss just isn't fast enough. and now it's monday and I"m home alone with a PIZZA from last night. My hubby is supportive (he knows fasting is totally healthy and a great way to stay lean) but then he'll bring home a pizza cause and leave the leftover's in the house. Or he'll bring me chicken strips for dinner and he doesn't care if I only eat one or even half of one but i still would prefer if he didn't tempt me. ya know?

Blah blah blah.

anywho. I'll do my best to fast today and the rest of the week and I'll keep everyone posted.

If anyone wants to food journal back and fourth with me that would be awsome.
I love the pressure of having to r
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05:08pm 26/09/2006
  hi! I'm Cristina!
I'm looking for someone to fast with!
I'm new to all this, so I'll need some tips.
I'm looking for support buddies too!
My journal is private, so anyone with YAHOO or AIM is welcome!
My screen name for both is KRHISSSY

Here are my stats!

Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
CW: 147
HW: 170
LW: 142
STG: 125
LTG: 117
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I'm new 
09:57pm 23/09/2006
mood: hopeful
new to everything

Name: agata
Age: 15
ED: Anorexia
CW: 121
HW: 140
GW: 100
Height: 5'5"

anyone want to help me out?
or just want to talk?
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10:01am 20/08/2006
  Name: Heather
Age: 18
ED: Anorexia
CW: 114lbs
HW: 179lbs
LW: 103lbs
Height: 5'6"
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10:01am 17/08/2006
mood: excited
Hello all!
Just letting you guys know I'm starting a water fast tomorrow for two weeks, if somebody wants to join or be fasting buddies, just comment. Or you can friend me, I don't mind if you unfriend after the fast.
Wish me strenght!
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01:44am 02/07/2006
  im fasting
second day
nobody wants to join
new stats 
06:10pm 10/06/2006
mood: distressed
ok so i just got home from a doctors appointment...here are my new stats:

5'3 1/2 (50th percentile for height...yayyy i grew an inch =])
106 lbs (25th percentile in weight..=[ boo..that made me upset =[)
BMI: 18.8 (=[ boo..im not even considered underweight..the underweight BMI is lower than 18.5 ughh)
but if i lose 2 lbs then my BMI is 18.4..which is considered underweight..im weight pretty much changes daily so yea

anyway..regarding my health..i got bad news...my doctor thinks that im anemic..i think i am too because i have all the symptoms..it makes sense..this rly sux..i hafta get bloodwork done...i hav such a deathly phobia of bloodwork its horrible...just tlkaing about it or thinking about it or seeing blood or needles makes me cry..pass out..stop breathing..all of that..so yea im pretty much freaking out a lot..i saw my therapist aftermy checkup & shes guna start working with me on getting over my phobia..its guna be along process & im soo scared..ugh im soo anxious now..anyway..im off to the beach with my best friends..including my best guy friend that im in love with along with my friends big brother that i have a thing with currently..this should be interesting..i need some support everyone!! is there anyone else that is anemic or going through something similar? thanks<3
johnny depp... 
05:04pm 09/06/2006
mood: lazy
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is dead sexy
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01:07pm 01/06/2006
mood: excited
Hello ladies and gentlemen!
I've been off for I dunno, a month?
I don't remember...
BUT Im here now..
back yet one more time.
Im still at my gross 115 (with 5'2 height)..
NEED to lose again - I can't wait to buy smaller size Jeans!
my social life has been FUCKED to say the least.. really messy stuff that I wont bore you with, but lets just say I almost lost my best friend thru the past month or so - eeek!
still single..
still doing my last year of Medschool.. finals in NOVEMBER & Im DONE!
Green Tea like mad & restriction like the Golden days of 400-600 cals a day & I KNOW I can do this.
Nice to be back & I hope you'r all doin better than me.
ciao for now.
11:48am 30/04/2006
mood: frustrated
so I finally get all my guts to weigh myself
Im 115 now! FUUUUCK!

ok. what do I do?
one of my friends from highschool invited me to her wedding which is on the 25th.. they HAVE TO see that I lost weight, I dont care how.

03:59pm 27/04/2006
  ok... i have been fasting for 4 days now and lost 6 lbs. i have a ? how can i continue to fast and go to the tanning bed.. bc when i get in i feel like im going to pass out or almost do.. what could i do.. any safe foods under 30 calories? im 130 and want to be 90 or pills to give me energy not to pass out???...bc i dont want to pass out in the taning bed but i want to still go. dont reply if your not ana...  
10:38pm 25/03/2006
07:42pm 12/03/2006
  what is the best diet pill... that suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolism and all that and that makes u loose weight the fastest... please dont reply if u dont know.  
11:18am 10/03/2006
  next friday i am flying out to minnesota for a photo shoot, so...

for the next seven days:

-1 gallon h20
-redline vpx
-dieter tea (it's a laxative)
-no food
-work out 1 hour

any comments, suggestions, or support would be appreciated
05:21pm 21/02/2006
  okay... can the dr. tell you been throwing up??????/ because im goin to the dr's office tomorrow or sometime this week. because i cant eat.. because even if it hurts very bad and throbs.... so please tell me if your bulimic.  
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